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School of Special Education N°501

Developing IT Infrastructure at a School in Ezeiza, Argentina

Special School No. 501 was pleased to receive a computer, printer, and special education software from Numeral. The opportunity arose when the Numeral team contacted the school principals following our team’s evaluation of schools within the province of Buenos Aires that did not have the necessary technology due to theft or lack of resources. 

Located in the district of Ezeiza, Buenos Aires, Special School No. 501 was founded in 1993 to provide special education to children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities. It has a staff of 77 people and teaches 367 students. The school also offers the annex of SAFI (Integrated Comprehensive Training Service) for students between the ages of 15 and 21 to receive specific pedagogical training and special education workshops. In addition, the school offers the SH characterization annex for deaf students and TES services for students with severe emotional disorders. 

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Teachers & Staff

Prior to Numeral's contribution, the school relied on outdated laptops, received between 2010 and 2014, to connect with students during the pandemic. However, these computers did not support modern applications and were thus very inefficient. 

Carla Maria Peña, Director

"Technology is extremely important for not only special education but also broader pedagogy in Argentina. Thus, it is essential that schools bring it closer to students in the best way possible", commented School Director, Carla Maria Peña.

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