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Quilmes Elementary School N°51

Developing IT Infrastructure in Quilmes, Argentina

Quilmes Elementary School No. 51, located in the La Florida neighborhood, Quilmes was pleased to receive a computer and educational software from Numeral. The initiative came after the Numeral team had contacted the school staff to assist in their digitization process.

Founded in 1960, the school has 417 students and 34 teachers and staff. The curriculum includes courses in Language, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. 

School Numbers






Teachers & Staff

Prior to Numeral's involvement, the students' contact with technology was through a single computer, shared with the secondary school. Leveraging the IT equipment provided by Numeral, the school now has the ability to offer the DALE Project (Right to Read and Write) to students, especially the ones who are experiencing pedagogical risk. The computer will also enable the school to systematize processes, and evaluate student progress, and catalog its library (via programs such as Aguapey and My Library). 

Fernanda González, Director

“The pandemic has forced us to adapt and utilize new applications and educational software to stay connected with our students. The new computer will be instrumental during our library hours and the “Reading Marathon” and allow us to access the internet, share video lessons, films, and documentaries with our students. " commented School Director, Fernanda González.

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