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Association of Disabled People of Navoi

Providing IT Infrastructure and Internet Access for the Association’s Center

Numeral recently learned that the Association of Disabled People of Navoi, whose mission is to support the rehabilitation and integration of people with disabilities, was maintaining their entire operations off of outdated paper-based processes. Upon learning this, Numeral provided the Association with computers and printers to help streamline its processes and provide better service to its members, including the much-needed access to the internet.  

Established in 1991, the Association currently helps over 2,000 members with disabilities in Navoi region. As a result of limited budgets, the Association does not have the resources to support even the most basic technology to run its day-to-day operations.

Relying on paper-based processes proved to be extremely challenging and inefficient for the Association. It had no well-organized way to collect, maintain and store information on its members, which led to quality issues and loss of data time and time again. “The lack of internet access had hindered the Association’s awareness of legislative changes, project announcements and the establishment of social partnerships”, commented Bakhodir Ganiev, Chairman of the Association.

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Then, when the unexpected global COVID-19 pandemic hit, it accelerated the need to digitalize processes, procedures, and practices. Unfortunately, developing economies like Uzbekistan don’t often have the resources for wide-scale IT investments. Thus, the Association found itself in a predicament where it couldn’t adequately stay in contact or provide services for the members due to the pandemic. Something needed to change.

Numeral is proud to have supported the Association by providing the necessary hardware for the staff to run operations efficiently, as well as computers and printers for the members – who mostly rely on disability benefits – so they can have access to the internet and other crucial resources for obtaining the best care.


Bakhodir Ganiev, Chairman

The lack of internet access had hindered the Association’s awareness of legislative changes, project announcements, and the establishment of social partnerships.

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