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About Us 

Numeral is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, established to accelerate digitalization in developing countries.


Digital technologies furnish the opportunity to transform the way organizations, institutions and businesses operate. Beyond that, they have a profound impact on individuals by improving how they communicate, learn, and think. Yet many developing countries to this day are constrained by legacy infrastructure and have yet to unlock the value of digital transformation. The primary reasons for slow adoption are high upfront costs, limited exposure to digital solutions and lack of coherent strategies for IT implementation.  


To tackle these issues, our team combines local insights with global expertise across a variety of industries. By drawing from a list of widely-adopted models, we provide solutions to communities in developing countries in efforts to facilitate their adoption of technology.

Our Locations

Numeral currently operates in two countries. Click below to learn more about our projects in each region.   

Numeral_our geography
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